Weave and Sew Spring Equinox Decorations

This course can be booked online.


Aspire Cloud


10:00 - 12:00


2 hours x 1 session

This course is a Learning for Personal Interest course and will provide you with the opportunity to learn skills such as: How to make hand crafted bespoke Spring Equinox themed decorations. Learn weaving techniques and fancy new hand stitches and add other creative embellishments such as ribbon, beads and buttons. Take home your own beautiful bespoke handcrafted decorations for displaying in your home, or to give as gifts and be completely on trend!

Typical activities for this course will include explorations of traditional and contemporary decorations, refining your own design ideas, planning how to put your ideas into practice and producing decorations to take home. You will have opportunities to join discussions with other learners, take part in practical activities and review your progress. You will be supported throughout the course by your tutor.