Mother and child cook together

Family Learning

Are you a parent/carer of a toddler or primary school aged child? Or an adult who plays a significant part in a child’s life (e.g. grandparent)? Would you like to feel more confident about supporting your child’s development and enhancing their learning experiences?

Aspire Sussex, in partnership with Schools and Children and Family Centres, offers a variety of courses for parents/carers and children. Some of our courses are joint, where adults learn alongside children, others are for adults only. Family Learning courses are informative but most importantly fun!

Aspire Sussex Ltd works in partnership with schools to deliver positive learning experiences for families. Ask your child’s school if they are planning any Aspire Family Learning courses and if not, signpost them to us or get in touch yourself. In addition to our courses in schools, we are also offering the following courses, for adults only, in Aspire Centres. To book on these courses, please call 0345 601 0161 for more information or book online through the links below.

The following outcomes for families underpin our courses:

• Fun activities you can try with your child at home plus explanations of how these activities can support their developing skills
• Supporting your child’s social and emotional development
• Building your own self-esteem and confidence
• Supporting your child’s English and/or Maths skills and finding out how your child learns these at school
• Preparing for future qualifications, volunteering and/or employment

Please click here for our Family Learning Fact Sheet for more information about our Family Learning courses (will open in new window).