Personal development and leisure courses tend to be non-qualification courses, aimed at teaching you new skills, having fun and meeting new people. These courses include Arts and Crafts, Languages and Fitness.

Where a course has a fee, it is clearly published in our brochure and on our website, along with concessions and flexible payment information. Some of our courses are subsidised by government funding these are marked with a £ in our brochure to indicate that concessions are available. Aspire Sussex reserves the right to increase fees in the future in line with the government’s funding authorities’ guidance.

Our Community Learning courses are offered for your enjoyment to enhance your skills, personal development and as a social activity. Community Learning Courses that attract a Government subsidy (those marked with a £ in our brochure) are listed below:

  • Students on a means-tested benefit will be entitled to a 45% discount on tuition fees (for courses starting Autumn 2019) on production of proof of benefit entitlement. Means-tested benefits are Jobseeker’s Allowance/ Council Tax Benefit/Housing Benefit/Pension Guarantee Credit/Income Support/Working Tax Credits or Universal Credit (if household income on the award notice is below £25,000) /Employment and Support Allowance (work related activity group/Support Group – income related). Please note due to funding restrictions we are only able to accept students aged 19+ on community learning courses.
  • Students over 65 and not on a means tested benefit will be entitled to a 10% discount on tuition fees.

Please note that Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is not a means-tested benefit.

There are no discounts for Saturday courses or those without a £ symbol in the brochure.