Wider Family Learning

Understanding your teenager

This course can be booked online.


Aspire Cloud

10:00 - 13:00


3 hours x 4 sessions

This is a free, online 12 hour course for parents, guardians and carers of children and teenagers in West Sussex. The aim of this course is to enable parents to positively discuss the changes experienced by adolescents and their families and how to best support their teens grow into happy and confident adults. Parenting courses are not interventions and the tutor will not tell parents "how it's done" rather they are discussion-based with time to share experiences, ideas, concerns and possible solutions.
Content will include all/some of the following: Tutors will facilitate and encourage discussion in a secure environment, the expectations and concerns of the leaners will be used to inform the planning and content of the course to meet learners' needs.

A look at adolescent development and the impact on the family; ideas for problem solving and negotiation techniques; discussion on positive communication skills and how to practice them.

This is an online course delivered using Teams, in real time with live interation with your tutor and fellow learners. Learners will join the class from home and be able to exchange and interact with other learners as they would in a classroom. There will be discussion and demonstration. You will have opportunities to discuss and ask questions - this is an interactive course with the tutor present throughout. You can access the session for free by downloading Microsoft Teams on your mobile, tablet, laptop or computer.

English Paper Piercing Sewing

This course can be booked online.


Aspire Cloud

16:00 - 17:30


1.5 hours x 2 sessions

This is a free online taster course for families with children over the age of 5, where you will have the chance to work together or individually side-by-side on an English Paper Piecing craft project. English Paper Piecing is a popular craft for reusing and recycling old fabrics, where you fold fabric over a template shape and then hand sew these shapes together to create your finished item.