Lip Reading

Lip Reading and Communication

This course can be booked online.


Aspire Cloud


10:00 - 12:00


2 hours x 9 sessions

This is a Learning for Life Skills course.
This course is for adults with an acquired hearing loss who want to learn to lipread. The course will show you how to recognise what the sounds of speech look like on the lips. We start with the most visible lipshapes to help boost your confidence in your ability to follow a conversation when sound is not available. We look at a different lipshape each week and look at it as a sound, as part of a word, as part of a sentence and then in running speech. You will meet other learners with a hearing loss who can appreciate and understand some of the issues that you may be facing.

Lip Reading and Communication

This course can be booked online.


Burgess Hill


10:00 - 16:00


5.5 hours x 1 session

The course aims to help you rebuild your self-confidence by improving communication skills and putting them to use in conversation. The course will look at how much of spoken English is visible and how to cope more easily when it is not visible. We will look at: the technique of voicing (speaking with sound) and devoicing (speaking without sound); what ‘substitutions’ are and why they happen; some of the shapes of spoken English; finger spelling (its advantages and when to use it); how to cope in difficult conversational situations; how to help yourself; what environments are good/bad for lip reading; local and national help-points.